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The other day we watched a great movie – Hachi – A Dog Story.  The movie stars Richard Gere and is a remake of a Japanese film of the true story of Hachi, an Akito that goes to the train station every day to wait for his master to return from work after his death for 9 years. There is a statue in Tokyo where the real Hachi would wait.  Unfortunately the movie was never released in the US, but in other parts of the world, but it is now available on DVD (we got it at Redbox) and I highly recommend it, but do have your tissues ready as you will cry!  Many scenes in the film were from the dog’s view point.  They were mostly black and white with limited color and shot from an angle as to what Hachi would be seeing.  It gave the movie an added element.

I’m thinking about this in terms of agility training and especially when we walk the course prior to a run. Perhaps you have seen videos on YouTube where the camera is placed on the dog as they run a course. They are worth watching because it shows how your dog would see the course.   Most people just walk where they are going to be on the course and don’t stop and think about the dog’s view and how they see the next obstacle .  If you can, walk the course before they set the bars and walk through the jumps, stand directly in front of the contacts and tunnels and the course will look totally different than when you just walk your path.  This will help you plan your directions and have fewer off courses and faster run times.

Being aware of the dog’s point of view will give you an extra advantage and help you earn that needed Qualifier!  Good luck!

Dog Agility training DVD's and gear

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