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We just finished a long 3 day weekend at our first CPE Nationals.  They were held right here in Kissimmee,  Fl  at the Silver Spurs Arena (normally used for rodeos)  just about 15 minutes from my house so it was a no brain-er for us to enter.  I could only enter my older dog, Sullivan since Kala has just started to do trials and did not have the 20 qualifiers.  Sullivan is all Level 5, except for Colors where she is in Level C (Championship), but for some reason I entered in all Level 5.

We got there on Thursday afternoon to set up.  It was very impressive to me.  We have only done outdoor trials here in Florida so to see 3 rings all set up with beautiful equipment in a big arena really made it special.  All of the crating was on the second level which was up about 40 steps or you could take a small elevator which broke down a few times.  We mainly did the steps which was quite a workout.  My dogs (I had Kala with us too) had never seen stairs or an elevator and I don’t think they really cared for either one.   But it was nice being up above the rings because you had a great view of all of the action.   There was one large ring for standard and then 2 smaller rings for the games.  At Nationals you do 1 Standard each day and 2 games, so by the end you have completed 3 Standards and one each of all of the games.

The event was put on by Pasco Paws of Zephyrhills, Fl and was very organized.  You were assigned a group and your group walked at a certain time, worked at a certain time and then ran.  I knew several people in my group, so it was easy to keep up with everything.  It was great to cheer for our friends and also meet new people and see their dogs too!

Once the courses are set up in the morning, they stay the same all day.  All classes run the same course, but you are given your Q and placement based on your level, height, etc.  There were 313 dogs entered.  The courses weren’t extremely hard, but each one did have a challenge to it.  The most difficult was the Jackpot (more on that in my next post) which only 12 dogs completed and 10 Q’ed (2 dogs were overtime by a few seconds).

If you ever have the chance to go to a Nationals, I would highly recommend the experience.  My dog ran great, we met a bunch of new people and above all felt the camaraderie of the CPE family.  I’m already looking forward to going to another one!

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